3 Easy Steps to Upload Documents

A beautiful new home just hit the market! Immediately, you head on over to www.RegalHL.com and submit an online application for a pre-approval. Within minutes, one of our mortgage experts begins working on your application and calls you to review the supporting documents we will need to review. Time is of the essence, but you don’t have access to a scanner. What is the fastest and most secure method of sending your sensitive financial documents to your mortgage loan originator? Our secure & encrypted document upload website is very mobile friendly. Follow our three easy steps and be on your way.

  1. Using the secure link provided by your mortgage loan originator, enter your First and Last Name.
  2. Click Add Files and select the option of your choice:
    -Photo Library
    -Take a Picture
    -Choose Files
  3. Select Upload

That’s it! If you have multiple files to upload, on Step 3, you may select Add more files and upload as many as necessary.

Bob Vensko
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